Building a Culture to Excel.


Let's create

a better world together.

Creating new solutions for a better world drives us.


Together we are creating one of the best workplaces on earth

while helping build a better future.


Humanity One is like no other marketing organization. We are built to change the world. 

We are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. ALL OF OUR PROFIT GOES TO CAUSES THAT CHANGE THE WORLD, especially our own non-profit Humanity We. We are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our people, clients, providers, communities, the environment, and planet as a whole. We are an organization of people using our business as a force for good.

Our commitment is to design, create and deliver the best possible products and services, working with extraordinary people and talent, to help our clients achieve their mission to positively impact lives, communities and planet. We help our clients better connect and build valuable relationships with their donors, that will help them better achieve their business goals.

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Our world is currently facing some of the most complex social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges of our time, but we are up for the challenge.  We are built to be an active part of the solution, to contribute towards solving some of the world’s biggest problems experienced by individuals, families, communities, regions, countries, continents and our planet as a whole.

Even as a small group of committed and inspired people, we CAN make a difference together.


Our culture drives our success and our performance, while our collective thinking and our structure provide the framework to do great work. A commitment to consistent self-examination, renewal, innovation and reinvention is critical to ensuring long term relevance and effective achievement of our goals for our valued people, our clients, and our impact.

We believe that ALL humans are equal, and that every one of us (7.8 billion and growing) has the potential to contribute to humanity, and deserves equal rights and opportunities to live a happy, productive and peace-filled life. People from every gender, race, faith, socio-economic, geographic, education and culture should have the ability to contribute and participate in personal and inclusive success. An ability to contribute, like friendship, is a fundamental human need; it changes how we see ourselves, how we feel, how we perform, and gives us self-esteem and mutual commonality.  

We are better together.

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What it Means to Work Here.

A great culture is at the absolute core of any great organization. Without an empowering culture, an organization cannot achieve its full vision, and will not find and sustain the extraordinary talent and people needed to operate at its best. You will make a difference here. 


The real values of any organization are obvious, experienced, tangible and demonstrated across the institution every day. A great culture is a major differentiator, and is is noticeable immediately at every touchpoint. People are motivated, energized and engaged in giving their best to the mission and to their dream team. They feel good, and they feel proud of what they are achieving and contributing collaboratively. 


Organizations with a strong culture are unique, desirable, loved and typically the fastest growing. Unfortunately, they are not the norm. There are many organizations that have powerful value statements, but often these values are vague, unrealistic, not adhered to by leaders, and ignored across the organization. Pretty words are just marketing fluff, the real work in culture-building is the actions every person takes every day, alongside the perspectives, norms and thinking.


There are thousands of studies by the Harvards, Stanfords, and Oxfords of the world on what works and what doesn't, but we believe it all comes down to leadership communicating, demonstrating and pushing the values needed every day to be a great. We don't have all the answers, we make mistakes and screw up daily, but we strive to build the kind of place that people love to come to work each day, and that clients want to work with.


Our main purpose is to help create a better world, but a close second is to exceed our clients expectation at every opportunity. Happy clients provide the best form of growth, positive word-of-mouth and glowing referrals.Glowing referrals is one of our most important business development strategies. Extraordinary people helping humanity is our guiding star, and we must not forget that Humanity is in our name.

Our culture must remain malleable. As the world changes, so must we. What got us here, will likely not get us there. We do not seek to make our culture rules-based or set in stone — we seek to continually improve it. Every person who joins us will help to shape and evolve our culture further, and every one of us will influence our culture in some way. We will meet every year as an entire organization to discuss and formulate any changes to our culture needed to continue to have performance and to move us forward. 



The crucial differences which distinguish human societies and human beings are not biological.

They are cultural.    - Ruth Benedict

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. 

                                                                                                                              - Peter Drucker

Our culture is the key driver to our success. But the ability for people and teams to work effectively together is paramount. Collaboration allows us to achieve more together, and people should feel free to have an opinion on how we can do better, no matter their position or experience. We will continue to accelerate our learning, capabilities and our quality faster as we build more talented people with diverse perspectives each trying to innovate better solutions and systems to find better ways to work together more cohesively, nimbly and effectively.

We work hard to get people to participate in non-personal, unbiased, professional, constructive feedback - up, down and across the organization - on a continual day-by-day basis. If we cannot provide input or new perspectives to others as determined, then we will remain stagnant and will begin to erode the fabric of our culture and standing. We will learn faster and be better if we can make giving and receiving feedback less stressful, communicating respectfully, removing ego, and making input across all levels a normal part of work life. Feedback is a continuous part of how we communicate and work with one another, and must become normalized.


Our leaders must think of themselves as servant leaders, putting aside old thinking and egos to demonstrate that we are all human, fallible, mistake-prone, and open to accepting feedback. It must be commonplace for our people and teams to ask their peers , “What could I be doing better?” and themselves, “What informed input could I offer that I not yet shared?” Being respectful and selfless in giving feedback to our colleagues, even if it is uncomfortable to do so, helps us to avoid sustained misunderstandings and the need for rules.

We must fight the python of progress that creates new and stifling rules and systems that stifle freedom and constrict creativity. There is a natural need in most organizations to create rules and live within boxes to eliminate errors, but this kills innovation and destroys great cultures. 

As rules and procedures proliferate in any organization due to constricting leadership perspectives, the value-creating system evolves into rule following. This reduces value output, diminishes the ability to innovate, shrinks the ability to attract the best people, and less than optimizes the ability to find new clients and grow. While mistakes are minimized in a rules-based culture, creative thinkers are tacitly told to stop questioning the status quo, and there is an unhealthy emphasis on processes and not much freedom.


The greatest challenge as our organization grows, is to resist imposing restrictive rules designed to minimize risk. As our business gets more complex, and some inevitable pockets of chaos emerge at times (a product of growth), the natural knee-jerk is to impose new rules to never let this happen again, and to add traditional management ideals and processes to reduce the chaos. This is a mistake, and every person and stakeholder we work with has the responsibility to speak up, shout out when they see this happening, and fight hard to keep our extraordinary culture alive, adapting and advancing for the benefit of all.


Below are our values, the specific skills, ideas, and behaviors we care most about. Take a moment.


We couldn't find a list so we created our own.


The values below, are listed in no particular order, is not a comprehensive or absolute list, but rather as a guide. It got a little long, so stop reading when you are bored. A big ah-ha is that you cannot fully define a culture in a list of micro-terms (as below), as culture is a living and ever-changing reality.


These ideas are provided to help you easily understand in broad strokes, how we think, how we operate, and to demonstrate in written words, the fabric of our culture.


The more these values sound like you, and describe the kind of people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive here and change the world. If you want to talk or comment, contact us. 

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Strength lies in differences, not similarities.
                                                                                                       - Stephen Covey

Principles and Ideas to Building a Great Culture.

Change the world.

  • Our purpose is to participate in creating a better world

  • Humanity We is our own charity focused on ending poverty for 1.2 billion people globally. All profits from Humanity One go to fund our non-profit, Humanity We. 

  • We are primarily focused on helping other causes and charities in the US and globally, to help them make a difference. In doing so you will  help humanity across many causes.

  • Statistically people who work within a greater vision are happier, less anxiety, healthier and stay with their organizations

  • We want you to discover your purpose and align it with your values

  • Join like-minded others in common goals and meaningful collaboration to advance humanity

  • Create impact and do great work
  • We use innovation as a force for good in the world, connected to a higher purpose
  • Talented and passionate people working together to create impact and do important work
  • We compete to be best for the world, the people living in it, and the natural environment on which our quality of life depends.
  • We carefully consider the impact our decisions have on our people, customers, community, environment and planet
  • We are purposed toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.
  • Make a difference and make change actually happen
  • See the big picture, not just day-to-day

The drive to win.

  • Each of us is here to create results & performance for our clients and their causes, for Humanity One, and for humanity

  • We drive everyday for actual achievement and results

  • We measure results and goals

  • We are transparent and share goals and performance results across the organization

  • When we win, we all win together

  • In the competitive world we compete in, winning often is important

  • We are a benevolent organization, but make no mistake, performance is expected

  • You care intensely about your peers, and our clients success

  • You re-conceptualize challenges to discover solutions to hard problems

  • You make tough decisions without agonizing

A curious mind.

  • You are a curious person, who loves learn rapidly and eagerly

  • A curious mind is the only thing that leads to innovation, progress and new ideas

  • Curiosity presumes that there might be something new or better out there

  • You are constantly seeking better ways

  • Curiosity allows the possibility that the way we're doing it now isn't the only way, or even the best way

  • Curiosity presumes that there might be something outside your own experience out there

  • You are curious about how our different backgrounds contribute to our work, rather than pretending they don’t affect us

  • The status quo becomes boring to you after a while

  • You like to dream big

  • You wake up in the morning with exciting new ideas

  • The most interesting people have curious minds


  • You are a compassionate person and care about others

  • You strive to inspire others

  • The 6 attributes of compassion are: Sensitivity, Sympathy, Empathy, Motivation/Caring, Tolerance, and Non-Judgement

  • You are able to give grace or forgiveness to people when they need it

  • You deeply care about one or more causes

  • You want to make a difference in the world

  • You are able to be vulnerable, in search of truth

  • You feel down when you see others struggling

  • You are tenacious and optimistic

  • You are quietly confident and openly humble


  • You are able to make wise decisions despite ambiguous circumstances

  • You have made mistakes over the years but learned from them

  • You are not a person typically critical or judgmental of others

  • You have a strong sense of people and are typically a good judge of character 

  • There are 6 key elements that collectively constitute good judgment: learning, trust, experience, detachment, options, and delivery.

  • You are able to make decisions quickly

  • You value wisdom as a human trait and recognize wise and worldly people

  • You are able to identify root causes, and get beyond dealing with issues you cannot affect

  • You think strategically, and can articulate what you are, and are not, trying to do

  • You are good at using data and facts to inform your decision-making

  • You are able to make decisions based on the long term outcome, not the immediate issues

  • You take smart risks and are open to possible failure

Creative thinking is magic. 

  • Inspired creativity is a gift to the world

  • Many of the world's most powerful brands are creative organizations

  • You get to be you

  • You get to be immersed in a creative environment

  • You get to experience and bring new perspectives

  • Creative thinkers are really cool people

  • You like to create new ideas can prove useful

  • Most of the world's great minds are creative thinkers

  • Creativity is not boring every day

  • Creativity covers many realms and facets. You may be creative at building spreadsheets

  • Great user experience and experiential storytelling are powerful differentiators 

  • You keep us efficient by minimizing complexity and finding ways to simplify complex issues

  • Creativity is a blessing

  • When you see something gloriously creative you recognize its unique awesomeness

  • Find a way to be creative, no matter what you do

  • You love magic and the extraordinary

Life is a journey.

  • If you don't feel alive every day, you are doing the wrong thing with your life

  • You know when things are in alignment

  • You have a personal life and you have a professional life. They are not the same

  • If you are not happy at home, you will not be happy at work

  • Each of us has personal gifts, and each of us has personal challenges

  • Giving to others is a gift to you

  • We all screw up form time to time. Its OK, but we must right the wrong s and move forward

  • It is important to be kind to yourself and give yourself grace. You can stop beating yourself up starting today.

  • Be you. Embrace your differences

  • How you feel about yourself when you are alone is a question worth considering

  • We are all at different stages on our life journey. Give a hand-up to those that need your help

  • Forgive those who have wronged you. This is about you, not them

  • You spend so much of your life working. Find a place that lifts you up, and encourages you to lift others up 

Different is good.

  • You nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions

  • You are OK to challenge prevailing assumptions, and respectfully suggest better alternate approaches

  • You recognize we all have biases, and work to grow past them

  • You intervene if someone else is being marginalized

  • You treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with you

  • You appreciate differences in people as being a strength not a challenge

  • You collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures

  • You enjoy being a little different as one of your strengths, rather than trying to fit in to the status quo

  • You are inspired by things that are unique in this world

  • You are not inspired by cookie-cutter

  • You seek to understand alternate perspectives

We all share in success.

  • Teams are more powerful than individuals

  • You enjoy working within a strong team

  • You don't care who gets the credit, we all win together

  • You appreciate that having deep subject matter expertise within a team is a strong advantage

  • You like to give praise to people whenever you see it in an organization

  • You enjoy working with confident, powerful people

  • You make time to help colleagues because you can

  • You are not intimidated to express your perspectives as a team member

  • You have always wanted to be on a dream team

  • You enjoy basking in the glory of team success

  • You recognize that our entire organization requires high performance at the team level

Ongoing personal improvement.

  • Personal advancement leads to happier humans

  • You appreciate that most personal conflict happens when we are living outside our own personal values

  • You understand that we are each on our our life journey, each of us at different stages and experiences

  • Deep subject matter expertise is very valuable to teams and organizations

  • You recognize that personal development is a lifelong journey, and that no-one actually ever arrives

  • You enjoy helping or coaching others on their journey

  • You feel good lifting other people up

  • You understand the idea behind "standing on the shoulders of giants"

Personal discipline.

  • You endorse that personal discipline is a major advantage in getting things done

  • You accept that people who are personally disciplined and organized in life typically achieve more

  • You understand that personal discipline can be a double-edged sword in the happiness arena

  • You understand that the opposite of personal discipline is chaos and 

  • Self discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right

  • You know that working on control of oneself and one's conduct often contributes to personal development

  • The opposite of personal development can often be chaos and lack of order

  • It is OK not to be personally disciplined all of the time, and creativity can be stifled if overly organized

  • Yin: Creativity. Yang: Personal discipline. Together: Very powerful.

Be bold. 

  • Take risks. Be bold. 

  • You question any actions inconsistent with our values

  • You accept that bold actions can have great rewards

  • You understand that not taking risks 

  • You accept that all great ideas and innovations came from someone prepared to step outside their comfort zone 

  • Sometimes you have to fight for what is right

  • There calculated risks (good), and there non-calculated risks (bad)

  • You seek what is best for Humanity We, rather than what is best for yourself or your group

  • You loathe brown-nosing your boss

  • You are open-minded in search of great ideas, and are willing to push boundaries

  • You share ideas and information openly and proactively

  • You are not afraid to speak up, respectfully

A perspective of service. 

  • To others

  • To your peers

  • To our clients

  • As a leader

  • You contribute effectively outside of your specialty

  • You seek to see and understand our clients perspectives and needs

  • You reach out to help others who need help

  • You make connections that others might miss


  • You work well with others

  • You see working in a team as a tactical advantage

  • You create new ideas that may prove useful and share these

  • You make time to help colleagues

  • You are respectful of others perspectives and time


  • You like to be included in conversations, and know how it feels to have been ostracised in the past

  • You think inclusion is respectful 

  • You are OK with speaking up in a meeting or discussion and giving your viewpoint

  • You are not a judgmental person

  • You appreciate the advantages of people's differences

  • You believe everyone has areas of expertise they can offer

World-class communication & storytelling.

  • Immersive storytelling is powerful

  • Storytelling has ways to communicate ideas

  • Our brains are wired for stories and have been for thousands of years

  • Effective storytelling builds cultures

  • You understand that stories can be told in many different mediums

  • A story can be 22 times more memorable than facts alone

  • You are respectful to others in your communications, but confident

  • Effective storytelling is at the center of everything we do

  • You are concise and articulate in speech and writing

  • You listen well and seek to understand before reacting

  • You maintain calm poise in stressful situations to draw out the clearest thinking

  • You adapt your communication style to work well with people from around the world who may not have your perspectives or language

  • You provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues

  • You are known for candor, authenticity, transparency, and being non-political

  • You only say things about fellow employees that you say to their face

  • You admit mistakes freely and openly

Innovation at our core. 

  • You like to think outside the box

  • You are comfortable with new ideas

  • You recognize that innovation is the only real differentiator between organizations

  • Innovation is the one commonality that has always advanced humanity

  • We must innovate relentlessly

  • You embrace that everyone in our organization is responsible for innovation

  • There is no progress without struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no progress. (Frederick Douglas)

  • By unleashing the creativity towards innovation across our entire enterprise we will become the best in our field

  • You understand that when we slow down our innovation we will begin to fall behind our competitors, slow our growth, and not be able to attract the best people

Failure, Mistakes + Screw-ups.

  • Accept that we will make mistakes

  • Humans are wired to adapt since the beginning. This is one of humanities greatest traits

  • Understand that mistakes lead to progress, and that progress leads to innovation, that leads to products that help people

  • There is no way to learn faster than to make a mistake

  • Failure is the fastest path to success

  • Adversity leads to progress

  • Almost all improvement comes from mistakes

  • Making mistakes is difficult for our organization, but will ultimately help us become better and better help our clients

  • Adversity applies to lives, and it applies to businesses

Living your values.

  • You recognize that the best cultures have strong values that everything is based upon

  • You are prepared to speak out when you see our core values are not being adhered to

  • You acknowledge that when people live outside their core personal values they will likely experience conflict and stress

  • As a purpose-driven organization living our values is critical to our success

Data-driven, leveraging AI.

  • It may seem strange to include AI & data in a culture document, but AI is and will continue to become mainstream and will impact every level of every organization, including culture

  • You accept that being a data-driven organization is essential to remain relevant over the next decade

  • You understand that being a data-driven organization will improve the efficiency of our operations and drive innovation

  • Humanity One leverages data to operate as an insights-driven business

  • Data & AI helps us generate actionable insights through Intelligent systems, data collection and analytics

  • You embrace and leverage the power of artificial intelligence and data across our entire organization

  • You use facts to make decisions

  • You appreciate machine learning and constant improvement across the organization, leveraging AI

Urgency + tenacity.

  • Go fast. Do it now.

  • Speed to action

  • speed to completion

  • Great organizations "get things done" quickly

  • The ability to execute quickly is a major business differentiator

  • If projects are not able to be done quickly, then we have problems within our systems, technologies or people

Embracing change.

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead 

  • No dinosaurs. Change is inevitable as it has been since the beginning of time

  • Those who spend their lives resisting change, often end up becoming irrelevant to others and to society

  • Innovation is front and center to our continued advancement and forward progress, and innovation requires change

  • Not all ideas are original. Some of the best new ideas and changes come from adapting, changing and innovating  and tweaking an existing idea

  • You can change your life, tand I can change mine, but together we can change the world around us. -Norman Vincent Peale

  • A large number of people feel uncomfortable with change, and often unconsciously resist or sabotage change

  • To create a great culture we must embrace change as a strategic advantage for new opportunities


  • You like to do the right thing, regardless of peer-pressure or politics

  • You are OK with questioning questionable decision-making or low integrity

  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you

  • You consider integrity to be an important value in life and in your career

  • You focus on results over process


  • You are accountable for your actions

  • You do not expect any other person to be responsible for your performance

  • You accomplish big amounts of important work

  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you


  • You are an organized person

  • You prefer organization over unorganization

  • You believe that being organized creates efficiencies, optimization of processes and order

Raise the bar.

  • Ongoing innovation through new ideas is the basis for humanity moving forward.

  • You typically accomplish amazing amounts of important work because you love what you do

  • There Is no progress without struggle

  • You demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely upon you

  • You make your colleagues better

  • You focus on results over process

  • The best people want to work with the best organizations

  • You inspire others with your thirst for excellence

  • You accept that an organization like ours needs to be in a state of constant improvement or it will eventually die due to competitive forces


  • You are excited to work towards an extraordinary vision

  • You are crystal clear on our vision, and what is expected of you to contribute

  • Our vision is your vision

  • You are inspired by the success of others

  • If our vision is not inspiring we need a new vision

  • Our vision needs to be shared often and passionately

  • It is OK to question our vision

  • Vision is the inspiration we can hold on, to inspire us to keep moving forward, while we are dealing with adversity

  • We will not squash someone else's dream

Walk the talk.

  • No matter your role we each need to model the behavior we want to see

  • Design processes and systems to make us better, then follow them

  • You care about the success of others

  • When you make commitments, do you very best to achieve them.

  • Follow up. So many people never follow up. This is a differentiator between people and for organizations. Make this a habit and a value. Do what you say you're going to do

  • Commit to goals both big and small

  • You focus on results over process

We are all mentors + leaders.

  • You will be happier when you help others

  • Remember when "you" needed a hand-up?

  • Mentorship is a gift for both the mentor and the mentee. Both benefit

  • A mentor brings their life experience and skills to others. This helps people, failies, organizations and humanity advance

  • Organizations that have a culture of mentorship, are more successful

  • Find someone to mentor. Help them achieve their goals

  • You will eventually grow out of your mentor when you achieve your needs, so then go find a new one 

  • Everyone here is a mentor

Check your ego at the door.

  • We all have biases and perspectives

  • An ego stops us from learning new things

  • Having an ego means that you consider your perspectives superior to others

  • An ego is your enemy that it keeps you out of touch with reality

  • Having a strong ego wastes our energy and time defending ourselves

  • An ego makes you insecure and competitive, in an unhealthy way

  • An ego makes us over critical

  • An ego kills a curious mind

  • Ego gets in the way of kindness

  • An ego can make us indifferent and uncaring

  • An ego ego will push all the nice people away, and you will miss opportunities

  • Your ego is what prevents you from hearing critical but necessary feedback from others

  • An ego makes you over-estimate your own abilities and worth, and under-estimate the effort and skill required to achieve your goals

  • You don't have a monopoly on all the good ideas

  • An ego gets in the way of success

Black Lives Matter.

We believe every life has equal value, and that businesses and many organizations have built structural inequities that disadvantage people of color for reasons relating to race, and that businesses have for too long been complacent or complicit, and that this must change to create a better world. ( > more )


Black lives matter for the same reason that everyone’s life matters; yet we are compelled to affirm that Black lives matter precisely because businesses, organizations, institutions, practices, laws, and behaviors have so long denied it, a practice which continues in some parts today, and which requires people and organizations like us to stand up and say - no more.

Each of us has unique gifts.

Humanity One is focused on creating a place for people to flourish and to thrive as individuals. We believe that every human being has unique potential, and while working hard to build our business infrastructure and methodologies to world class standards – we seek to create the conditions in which that creative expression can emerge and flourish.


We highly encourage our people to discover and follow their unique gifts, and to grow as individuals. We support the process of everyone developing a unique contribution, feeling valued and contributing, and of becoming oneself.


We promote this through our work. Humanity One is able to attract the best people to work here, because great people are people who are willing to deviate from the status quo, and become leaders who want to work with teams (dream teams) to help invent the future and create a better world. People who succeed at Humanity One have their own life purpose, and work to fulfill this within an environment of uncompromising excellence, in a relentless pursuit of creating ideas, innovations and outstanding solutions towards the achievement of the business objectives of our clients.


Our identity comes not from being a marketing organization, but from the pursuit of our purpose and adherence to our values.


As an organization we are focused not only on what we do, but what our purpose is as a group of talented and valued individuals. We are secure as an organization, knowing that we are intelligently focused on doing our very best. Our teams working together are encouraged to push our storytelling capabilities to be our best, along with the strategic, creative and technology applications to the edge and beyond, to come up with big ideas and innovations that motivate and inspire donor behavior, secure in the knowledge that the underlying strategies are sound.

It’s easy to write admirable values; it’s harder to live them.

Feedback is more easily exchanged if there is a strong underlying relationship and trust between people, which is part of why we invest time in developing our unique culture and strong collaborative professional relationships. We celebrate the people who are very candid, especially to those in more powerful positions, but know this level of candor and feedback can be difficult for new hires and people not used to this style communication or cultures where direct feedback is uncommon. We actively help people become more comfortable with this through mentoring, coaching and modeling the behaviors we want to see in every member of our team.

Dream Team

dream team

noun [ C usually singular ]

US  /ˈdriːm ˌtiːm/ UK  /ˈdriːm ˌtiːm/


group of people who have been specially chosen to work together and are considered to be the best at what they do.

Humanity One is structured on teams of expert capabilities. We call these our dream teams. Being on a dream team is an amazing experience, transformational personally, and deeply inspiring as you work day-by-day to change the world alongside talented people within a team. Working within a dream team will help you personally advance a help you build and hone extraordinary skills and capabilities.

We are all very different, so the idea that we collaborate together creating success for the whole is very challenging. On a dream team, there can be no out of control egos. Egos break down teams , as the cost to teamwork is just too high. ​A dream team is one in which all of your colleagues are extraordinary at what they do and are highly effective collaborators.

Our version of the great workplace is a dream team in pursuit of ambitious and world-changing common goals, for which we invest in heavily. It is on such a team that you learn the most, develop personal skills, perform your best work, improve the fastest, and have the most fun.

Being on a dream team is not right for everyone, and that is OK. Many people value job security very highly, and would prefer to work at companies whose orientation is more about stability, seniority, and working around inconsistent employee effectiveness. Our model works best for people who highly value consistent excellence in their colleagues.

Ultimately, our economic security and degree of success is based on our ongoing skills, culture and reputation, not on our past achievements. At Humanity one, you personally develop a lot, while building the overall capabilities of the organization as a whole. This will increase our value, our reputation and our day-by-day ability to grow. What we do is hard, and working on the most difficult marketing problems is difficult. But you will learn a lot working on hard problems with extraordinary colleagues, while making the world a better place and advancing humanity. 

While our dream teams are highly capable, and we are able to collaborate and work together well, we know we can always do better. We strive to always do our best, focus on our clients real needs, have a calm confidence that we are making a difference, and constantly push hard to create ongoing improvement. We are enjoying the journey yet excited to see how far we can go? 


Here is what we think is important at Humanity One:

  1. Our people are encouraged to be independent creative thinkers, but highly functioning members of their dream team

  2. We believe that culture is way more important at creating success, than solutions

  3. We accept that we will not be successful for our clients or ourselves, without extraordinary talent

  4. We believe that strength lies in our differences, not our similarities

  5. We believe that creativity and world-class storytelling is at the core of our success

  6. We will make mistakes and have struggles, but that dealing with these efficaciously will make us better

  7. We believe organization, systems and processes reduce complexity and help us better deliver quality & performance 

  8. We believe that inspired people and today's intelligent technologies can solve most problems

  9. We believe in strong transparency to share information openly, broadly, and deliberately

  10. We believe in setting big, audacious goals, and that size should not be a constraint on achieving these

  11. Innovation then ongoing relentless innovation is in our DNA

  12. We believe our organization will make a significant difference to people, communities, organizations and countries

  13. We believe it is a strategic advantage to be different 

  14. We believe we can create a better world, together.



“Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company."


- Brian Kristofek, Founder, Upshot