Client and Projects.


Experience counts.


Here are a few of the projects and clients I have worked with. I have overseen the strategy, branding, creative,  storytelling, customer connection, media, technology, analytics and results of these project in my roles as Agency Manager, CMO, Chief Creative Officer or strategist.  Some have been  a few weeks, some have been months, and some, even years. 

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Advanced collaboration, knowledge and communications portal for leading physicians in 127 countries.


Headed a team to design, develop and deliver a secure, advanced collaborative private online portal, where doctors and their global peers can share knowledge together and with patients, on St Jude Medical technologies, information and best practices. Also worked with St Jude Medical on business strategy for growth, media, and multiple brand-building initiatives.

This global billing systems integrator required an industry leading brand and lead generation structure in a hyper-competitive market.


Business strategy and determination of best growth strategy, then worked with leadership on naming, visual identity, collateral and materials, web and online communications, and large account pitch strategy and materials.

Comprehensive research and planning, then excellence in execution of brand, imagery and packaging, distribution systems, and best-in-class web and online media. 


This global Cadbury brand required complete go-to-market strategy, identity, creative development and imagery, campaign and brand management, and the development of a strong global website. Also worked with Cadbury to create strong retail market demand and distribution channels in the highly competitive world of luxury retail chocolate. 

USA's 10th largest residential real estate company required new strategies, comprehensive agent marketing, and industry-best customer creation capabilities.


Deep level consulting, comprehensive industry and market research to determine best practices, messaging and target audiences, then refreshed brand, development of both online and traditional advertising campaigns, large integrated database website and messaging, company-wide Agent training and compliance systems, large marketing creative database & print library, and even contemporary design and remodel of regional agent offices. 

Consulting and implementation of advanced renewable energy systems for leading global aerospace and defense company.


Detailed analysis, research and implementation of multiple cutting edge renewable energy systems for this highly advanced organization. 

Fast growing insurance and financial services company required industry best growth capability.


This highly competitive industry requires the ability to break out against savvy competitors. Worked closely with the senior leadership team to create strategies, refine messaging, then developed several brands, media, responsive websites,  sales collateral and various marketing, presentation and pitch capabilities. 



CMO and marketing leader for global not-for-profit, providing clean water, sanitation and comprehensive partner solutions to end poverty in African Villages and communities for people stuck in the cycle of poverty.

Head up all fundraising marketing, key strategic planning, events, advertising & marketing, storytelling and creative, donor connection, video, social marketing, website, marketing team,  and all other strategic and  marketing related functions.

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Global spa, beauty, skincare, and natural wellness brand needed an online presence and eCommerce capability.


I worked with Kerstin Florian senior leadership to develop a best-in-class website and eCommerce capability to sell skincare and wellness products online. 

Struggling freight company needed turnaround leadership, strategy, new markets, performance culture, rebranding, data & technologies, and exit strategy. 


Struggling Carson, CA freight company, as CEO/CMO I determined viable strategy for exit, incorporated improved processes & systems with modern logistics technologies and data systems, rebranded Precision Cargo Services as blueFreight, created quality and performance standards, created 7 new international Asian-Pacific markets as a US-Global logistics provider, created new sales force and marketing support, sold company to large National trucking company. .

Large scale, new energy systems and infrastructure with marketing for Clos du Bois and several other California wineries.


The complex planning, project management and implementation of photovoltaic solar arrays on this well-known California winery to reduce energy costs and environmental impact. 

The world's largest helicopter manufacturer and support company needed expertise.


Sikorsky's Helicopter Support Inc., required a complete new customer acquisition and new business creation strategy, then a brand make-over including identity, comprehensive photography and video, messaging, website, marketing materials, database integration, and marketing campaigns and support to grow their global business. 

Lawyers who surf. Who knew! Developed a collaborative online web capability to connect shared interests.


Development of a best practices website that incorporates social media, imagery, video, and monthly special events, that allows Lawyers with the commonality of surfing to interact locally, regionally, nationally and globally. 

91 year old fabric company required expertise to create structure & processes, and expand into new markets.


I served as Chief Operating Officer of Hoffman Fabrics, a global Fabric design and manufacturing company under contract for 12 months. I worked across the entire organization to make change and advancement happen, to create and implement systems and processes, refine the internal design process, build industry-best brand, marketing and target audience social media connections, improve sales channel capabilities, spearhead new direction for major trade shows and events, create and launch new brands, SAP warehouse and financial systems integration, and other initiatives to create new growth opportunities and improve operating margins. .

Compelling brand, improved messaging, and a better ability to connect with Executive Recruiter's target audience. 


Growth strategy, comparative market research, a complete new corporate identity, creative development, campaign and brand management, and creation of a leading responsive website, have created strong growth for Vanguard Professional Search, an executive search firm. 

This not-for-profit creates leadership for girls, but needed a strong brand.


Heart of Leadership is a San Diego based charity that helps teenage girls become leaders in business and communities. I worked with senior leadership to determine best strategies, then provided competitive research and strategy to achieve goals. Also, complete identity and creative development. Campaign and brand development. Website design. 

Innovative heart device manufacturer Cardiogenesis, needed the ability to create new customers. 


Customer acquisition strategy. Brand strategy. Brand creative and design. Marketing materials. Responsive website. Advertising campaigns and ongoing marketing support.

Incentive travel company required a relevant new brand and marketing in a highly competitive market.


he Performance Group, Inc, a San Francisco Bay Area company works with Global brands to provide incentive travel services to their employees. TPG needed help with customer connection and acquisition strategy, a new brand identity, campaign creative and support, RFP proposal and pitch creative support,, and the design and creation of a first rate, responsive website and media integration.

Wealth management company, required development of effective business strategy and brand.


Complete identity, creative development, campaign and brand management, messaging and marketing collateral. Digital and printed presentation media and support.

Multi-state commercial real estate company required new strategies, re-brand, and comprehensive marketing to help it's Reps  beat their competitors.


Worked with senior leadership on business strategy and market research, then the development of a highly resonant brand, messaging and content. Developed media, materials and strong database driven responsive website with apps, then created both online and traditional materials for many of the company's agents, designed to support both corporate and agent goals. 

Sweet. Sour. Gone. Candy.

Connecting with youth in America. 

Sour Patch Candy, a Cadbury brand. Complete retail brand strategy, then the development of a highly interactive website with custom gaming options, database capture, and the creation and production of multiple online webisode movies featuring Sour Patch Candy with several Hollywood A-list actors. Ongoing marketing campaign management. 

Sense & Company needed expertise in targeting and managing employee performance & incentive campaigns for auto manufacturers.


Sense & Co works closely with car companies, designing and producing incentives for workforce human performance. I provided business consulting expertise, and worked closely with company leadership on brand, creative, database gathering capabilities, responsive website and digital media, pitch and presentation support, marketing materials, designed printed materials, key messaging, and multiple other elements..

Child psychologist required brand differentiation and go-to-market strategy in a competitive market. .

I worked with this client to develop a high impact brand identity, to provide instant high credibility for this young business amongst its regional competitors. Complete brand and identity, website design, marketing collateral, campaign creative development.


Fast growing wireless infrastructure tech company required marketing expertise.


Working with wireless infrastructure company, 5Bars Wireless as interim CMO to reinvigorate marketing and customer connection, deliver marketing strategies, brand awareness, messaging, RFP responses, pitches & presentations, website content & media, PR, social media, database targeted marketing, and related support. 

Print media. Pitches. Presentations. Brochures.


I have worked on hundreds of print media projects for many clients over 30+ years, designing high impact and reader relevant printed media that best communicates a Company's vision, communications, products & services,  annual reports, and sales force support needs. 

Marketing for the largest initial capitalization of a bank launch in US history.


I worked with this Bloomington, Illinois insurance giant on strategies, branding and media for the launch of their bank. Market research, creative and styling, content, digital media and messaging. 

The contemporary launch of the first new brand for this company in 91 years.


Worked with ME+YOU senior leadership (fabric design and manufacturing, a division of Hoffman Fabrics), on business strategy, identifying most effective target audience, naming, brand development, customer connection strategies and content, video production, brand awareness, trade show event design, and built a responsive website incorporating social media, with database capture. 

Building a relevant and competitive new brand for personal financial advisors, in a challenging market place.


A comprehensive, set of proven, intelligent tools and systems for insurance and financial planning professionals who want to grow their business in competitive markets, Steelpool needed to differentiate itself as a brand in a market being radically changed by new innovations through technology. Detailed market research, creative brand development, key messaging, brochures and marketing materials. Digital messaging and content. 

New market entry, third wave coffee company required strategy and a strong brand to raise capital. .


Comprehensive market research, brand strategy, business structure, then the development of a strong, relevant brand and identity for Pulp Coffee Company. 

Deep market research and new ideas to create innovation better connect with locals  to create growth during a market downturn.


A comprehensive project to help Starbucks determine real insight into changing customer needs with the purpose of helping the innovative provider adjust their products and services towards achieving their business goals.  

Helped create the next generation of advanced in-flight entertainment systems for many of the world's airlines. 


Headed team, working with Panasonic Avionics, to help build the world's most advanced in-flight entertainment system including user interface design, software development and security capabilities within extremely complex, multi-point, aircraft IT infrastructures.


Ability to interact with all onboard entertainment, food & beverage, and communications systems, while being able to interact with hardware & software systems, language translation (60+ languages), conduct eCommerce, & operate in conjunction with high level secure communication systems at any point in the world. To function on 80% of the worlds airlines for the Airbus A-380, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, and all today’s advanced aircraft. 

Beauty medical-aesthetic laser technology company needed better brand and marketing to compete in US and global markets.


Worked with this Toronto based company for complete branding, creative development, marketing of multiple devices both B2B (physicians and spas) and B2B consumers (beauty and aesthetics), Physician marketing, location marketing, brochures and website, mall retail strategy and design, for this publicly traded company. 

Concepting and design for a new technology and innovation City in New Orleans. 


Ideation and innovative concepting for creating a significant innovation zone at the the old NASA Michoud Facility (where they built the fuel tanks for the Space Shuttle) in Louisiana. Worked with Sail Capital Partners and the State of Louisiana to research and concept a small city to bring innovation and economic benefits to Louisiana.

Worked with this San Antonio based industrial equipment provider to build a comprehensive website transacting $100,000 in online equipment sales per hour.


Market research, business strategy, and the development of a significant eCommerce website with over 1,000,000 skews & product options (over 14 different industrial equipment brands), with search capabilities, customer services apps, surveys, and many other features to create efficiencies, improved customer service, and improved operating margins. 

Today's technologies and information, concepted and developed for data-driven crime prevention community policing.


Developed a innovative policing technology information model/concept to help Santa Ana Police Department, a Homeland Security model police force, to improve local and regional police officer capabilities. This system uses key data from multiple origins, and collects and distributes it through a sophisticated user interface available to officers in the vehicles, on their mobile devices and during the daily pre-shift Roll Call meeting.

The world's largest American Art Gallery needed business strategy and a ticketing system and a website. 


Worked with senior leadership at the Whitney Museum in New York, to develop an effective business strategy, then concept and develop an industry-best, multi-media website and financial systems database integrated ticketing system. This created improved customer service, better awareness and marketing of the museums events, and improved efficiencies and financial controls over ticketing and entry.

This IBM technology partner needed help creating new clients in a highly competitive market. 


ThinkASG is am IBM partner systems provider. I worked in several projects for this company. Determination of goals, market research, business strategy, sales strategy, refreshed brand and identity, and the development of sales materials,  website, marketing campaigns, printed materials, and ongoing support.

Alteer, a physician practice management software, needed a complete new brand, customer acquisition strategy, marketing materials and support.


Determination of specific business goals, complete identity and brand development, creative development, campaign and brand management, website development and management, and ongoing marketing support. 

Fast growing regional bank required improved messaging and branding.


Development of both digital and printed marketing materials to help this regional brand create better awareness and promotions of its products and services to high net worth clients and investors. 

Raygen Solar needed help to create new clients in a complex, competitive, and highly regulated market. .


I worked with senior leadership of this commercial solar company, to create detailed analysis, improved sales and new project acquisition capabilities, brand, marketing materials, pitches and presentations.

Genetic science company needed a go-to-market strategy, brand development and comprehensive marketing and trade show expertise.


This New York based gene peptide maker needed a smart strategy, identity and branding, website, sales strategy, pitches and presentations, marketing and media to increase stock value, create awareness in the market, and company exit sale.

One of the leading New York

Plastic Surgeons needed a resonating brand and marketing capabilities. 


I worked with this Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon to develop a relevant new brand, photography, messaging, website and comprehensive marketing materials, including marketing for a skin care line. 

$76billion student loan provider needed a better way to connect with students. 


I worked with ELM Resources senior leadership to develop a best-in-class brand, messaging, media, website and secure online transaction capability to create awareness and transactions online for college students.

Samsung needed brand and marketing expertise to launch a new smartphone. 


Market research, consulting and business strategy, campaign creative development, in-store merchandising campaign, print support materials, data and analytics, and ongoing launch support.

Complete brand and strategy for this Georgia startup.


Worked with senior leadership to determine best strategy for growth, then created all brand and identity elements, materials and website for this employee performance company. 

Gelato maker needed savvy brand and marketing to enter the US market.


Market research, complete brand and identity, creative development, kiosk design, digital and traditional marketing materials, handouts, brochures, content and ongoing support.

Southern California's largest escrow title company needed to grow. 


Market research, consulting and business strategy, re-brand, creative development, campaign development & execution, digital and traditional marketing materials, website, advertising, content and ongoing support.

Attorney websites and best-in-class lead generation to create new clients. 


Complete market research, strategy, brand identity, creative development, website, targeted specialty lead generation, marketing materials and support.

The creation of a compelling new brand in the insurance and financial services industry.


Complete identity, creative development, digital and traditional marketing materials.